LEE 21" Expandable Baton.  Color Black
LEE 21' Expandable Baton. Color Black

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LEE 21" Expandable Baton. Color Black
Part#: SAF 2521
Availability: 30 days

 Special Pricing is available for LEE CATII items under contract FA8054-14-D-0002 for USAF Security Forces Customers .... Please register on the web site and send an email to [email protected] to be given access to this discounted pricing.
Made in the USA, this 21-inch telescoping baton, manufactured by Monadnock® (#2521—owned by Safariland Group)—uses three sections of black chrome plated steel tubing and a friction locking mechanism to ensure that the baton stays locked out when extended. The “Detective -21 With Standard Tip, Foam Grip and Black Chrome Finish” features: a 3-stage steel friction locking hardened shaft and ball tip; a firm foam grip over an electroless nickel-plated handle; precision parallel swages; and a bore guide end cap, black chrome finish on shafts, ball tip and an end cap.