Otis Small Arms Armorer's Tool Kit

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Otis Small Arms Armorer's Tool Kit
Part#: OMFG-4101
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
If you are an armorer you should not be without this kit! The Otis MFG-4101 Small Arms Armorer's Tool Kit is used to repair and maintain all small arms weapon systems. Includes: Armorer's tools for just about any job: pliers, picks, drivers, and wrenches etc...,Otis quick detach Armorer's tool bag for the grab and go, and Otis Deluxe Military Elite cleaning system. (This complete weapon tool system designed with the armorer in mind. It comes equipped with blackened brass scraper tool and optics cleaning gear for scopes, binoculars & range finders. Also included are the 10 necessary bore and chamber brushes for small arms, and the 85211-5 Deluxe Military Cleaning System. The Deluxe Military Elite will clean 5.56MM, 7.62MM, 9MM, .45 Caliber, .50 Caliber, & Gauge.) Packaged in a state of the art container with custom foam cutouts, accountability of your tools is virtually guaranteed. You will not find a better kit to keep your unit weapons in serviceable order. Call and talk to one of our Sales Reps to place your order for the OMFG-4101 Small Arms Armorer's Tool Kit today!